Day 1

In the last post, I explained how I’m starting Thanksgiving Awareness Month for all of November! Today is Day 1!

Thankful for: Reunions.

I made some seriously great friends in college. Now we are literally spread out all over the state of Texas, the USA, and even the world! The scattered-ness is what makes the reunions so sweet!

This past weekend I went to a wedding where I was friends with the bride and the groom, which made the party even more fun!

((unfortunately, I never could snag a pic with the ever-so-popular Mr. & Mrs. Cain, but they looked so fab!))

I got to stay the weekend with Kim, a roommate from college who I miss tremendously! Our nightly debriefings and indecisive counseling sessions were priceless. It was great to bring that back for a weekend!

Here is a picture of some other college roommates:

Aren’t these girls gorgeous?! Left to Right: Brittani, Kim, Rita, and Alex. Technically Rita and I did not ever live together at the same time, but she moved into my room when I graduated, so it counts. Sweet Alex and her husband Robert are expecting their first baby due February 18!! Cannot wait to be an “aunt!”

We missed our other roomie, Becca a LOT, but if you click on that link, you’ll see what she was up to instead..

I really enjoyed spending time with these girls again. Friday night we watched the deflating game 7 of the world series, and to cheer ourselves up after the loss, we played murder in the dark for a couple hours. ((Remember 4th grade slumber parties?? Best.))

Along with stellar roommates in college, I also had a familee. Not a typo. Our group of friends were so close senior year that we practically spent every free moment together. This made for a severe lack of studying, and some really fun adventures! We were more than a family (plus we have real ones), so we purposely started mispronouncing it, putting the emphasis on the “ee.”

It was our very own brother Matt’s wedding, so there was a good representation of the familee in attendance! (Normal pictures are clearly impossible)

Left to Right: Josh & Leslie (their wedding is next! Less than 3 weeks away!), me, Noelle & Michael (Noelle officially became a sister at their wedding in March of 2010), and Kevin (he gets married to sweet Lauren December 10!)

I just realized how out of place I was in that picture..

I am SO thankful for reunions! These people are so wonderful. I love the friends I have made since college too, but these people will always have a special place in my heart. Love them. My heart was very full this weekend.

What are you thankful for this November 1?

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