Day 8

Thankful for: travel.

I love to go places. I love seeing new places, new perspectives, new cultures, and new people. Sometimes, that means international travel.

Sometimes, it means traveling to a new state. Only the brilliant ones of course.

Lately, with my job at Pine Cove, I have been traveling a bit to do interviews for summer staff. Admittedly, none of the college towns I have visited have been anything to write home about, but they have been new places!

I am so thankful for the opportunity to travel. This week I have been in Oklahoma, and have already lived through TWO earthquakes! I never ever thought I would feel an earthquake. I especially never thought it would be in Oklahoma of all places.

It has also been truly great to travel with some hilarious co-workers, who I rarely get to spend time with. Even these short trips have been fun! I am thankful for the breaks in the routine!

PS- Remember the thankful tree post I pointed you to a few days ago? Well, I found another adorable one here by another family I love. She even included an easy tutorial! Hooray for thanksgiving month!

One thought on “Day 8

  1. Yup!!! I know you are mostly talking about me…but co-worker? I mean I prefer roommate but I’ll take what I can get…I wonder what you will write about tomorrow.

    Alos, in the event of an earthquake, where do you go? (This is a test to see if you remember what I taught you).

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