Day 10

Thankful for: co-workers.

I halfway mentioned this in an earlier post, but this past week I have been on the road recruiting for summer staff for pine cove. We will hire over 1200 college students for summer 2012, so the recruiting process is pretty huge.

It is truly great seeing new places and meeting new people, but far and away my favorite part of this week was the people I got to travel with.

I wrote a post on our summer staff blog for more details about this trip.

While we were driving back last night, I realized what a rare situation I was in. I actually love being around the people I work with! I laughed so hard this week, and let’s be honest, quality time + humor has got to be my love language.

It was not just laughing at all of the “dad jokes” though, I also got to sit and soak up true wisdom. Our trip leader this week has been married over twenty years, has five kids, and is eager to share. It was brilliant. I got home last night and wrote in my journal all the key lessons he was subtly teaching us.

We talked about what a huge decision it is to choose a spouse. We discussed the Penn State scenario as it was playing out, how your sin will always find you out, it will affect more people than just you, and that as a leader you cannot overlook sin. We talked about the massive importance of being in the Word. We talked about the weight the Bible puts on humility. We talked about how to live your life in a counter-cultural nonmaterialistic way.

There were other lessons too, but they were squeezed between witty comments about Oklahoma and wedding ceremonies..

I am so thankful for my co-workers. I am also thankful that I have a job like this right now. When I googled “co-workers,” not surprisingly it mostly came up with negative gossipy images and sayings.

If you are not in a job where you are thankful for all of your co-workers, which ones are you thankful for? That might be an interesting challenge for the day.. It is the month of thanksgiving, after all..

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