Day 11

Thankful for: Countdowns.

I don’t know what it is, but I love counting down to upcoming events! Maybe it’s the anticipation. Maybe it’s because my mom loves countdowns too. Maybe it is because by counting down to an event, it makes the event seem to last longer.

Whatever the reason, I am loving the countdowns I have going right now:

four: days till Jillian Edwards‘ new album comes out

seven: days till I get to see my besties for a familee wedding

eight: days till I am doing the flowers for a friend’s wedding

eleven: days till I am reunited with my cousins and extended family

thirteen: days till thanksgiving

twenty-nine: days till another best friend reunion at a familee wedding

forty-four: days till Christmas

fifty-one: days till 2012

fifty-three: days till I get to go to Peru

See? So much to be excited about! I am thankful for fun things to look forward to!

Also, I highly recommend making a paper chain for any countdowns you have coming up. It makes the anticipation even better! (And they are so easy)

One thought on “Day 11

  1. I love countdowns! Believe it or not, I made a paper chain counting down the end of this semester of nursing school, and I hung it up in our classroom! I started with 149 days… and now we’re down to 28! PTL 🙂

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