Day 12

Thankful for: simplicity.

In 2011 I decided to actually make a couple of new years resolutions. The two main ones I made were to be thankful, and to simplify.

Some of the simplifying has been built into my life these days. For example, I live in a house where it is impossible to get cable, satellite, or internet.

I’ll let that sink in.

For this suburb-raised girl, I confess I had hard time adjusting. I have lived here now for a year and a half, and am probably just  now (kind of) used to it. I won’t say it’s ideal, but it is simple.

Simple, I have learned, is beautiful. In the evenings I actually sit around a dining table and have dinner with my roommates.

We enjoy watching movies together, but we never watch TV mindlessly. We go on walks, read books, make crafts, and play games with friends.

On top of not having internet and TV, we live twenty minutes from “town.” I now intentionally plan out my “town runs” on errand days. As a result, I spend way less money on things I don’t need, and have more time to invest in relationships.

It’s crazy. Like one area of simplicity in my life spreads into others too! I even find true joy in closet clean-outs now.

I am so thankful for this simple season of life. I am well aware that not every season will be so simple, but I hope that the disciplines I am learning now will be able to carry over. Maybe simple really is the new black?

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