Day 14

Thankful for: fun work weekends

The thing about working at camp, is that I mostly work when other people have vacation time. Namely, summer and weekends.

I love my job, but sometimes I am sad to have to miss fun things “the rest of the world” gets to do.

This past weekend, we had a kids conference. It takes a lot of prep work for these, and the fall has been crazy enough. I began Friday already exhausted.

Then they came. Three hundred leaders and elementary-age kids, from churches across Texas and Louisiana. As the kids got out of their cars that evening, I saw their bright shining faces light up with pure joy.

Camp. Who wouldn’t be excited?

We also bring in summer staffers to help run these conferences, and we had around twenty super fun college students come in! I loved getting to see their smiling faces!

I think I just forget how much I enjoy these friends until they come back to visit. It genuinely was so refreshing to my soul! Love them.

I am so thankful for fun weekends like these. They remind me of how thankful I am for this job, and how thankful I am for the friends I get to make while being here!

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