Day 16

Thankful for: new music

My sweet friend Mallory, who is also participating in thanksgiving awareness month, posted yesterday about how thankful she is for the right music at the right time.

Me too. Aren’t we all?

I am convinced that nothing alters my mood quite as well as the right song. What a beautiful art form the Lord has given us.

Specifically, I am loving this new record out by Jillian Edwards. Title: Headfirst

My roommate Elizabeth shared Jillian’s music with me last year, and since then it has become the soundtrack to our home. I absolutely love her feminine voice that sparkles with truth through her lyrics. If we ever met, we would totally be best friends. I am sure of it. She just doesn’t know it yet.

I can’t decide if my favorite from the new record is the melodramatic Birthday, or the joyful Mind Made Up. 

Headfirst has been playing non-stop since I bought it late Monday night. And it just keeps getting better!

Thankful for heartfelt & beautiful music like this. Enjoy!

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