Day 17

Thankful for: Revelations in Mercy

In my gap year between college and my first full-time job, I caught myself thinking ugly thoughts. It was really hard being rejected from so many jobs, and still having zero direction for my life.

Ugly, ugly thoughts.

The more I read and study the character of God, the more I shudder as I replay them in my head.

I don’t deserve this, God.

Look at how I have lived! What have I done to deserve this?

Look at all I have done for you. Nothing for me?

Looking back, I see now that my life was not even difficult. I have been abundantly blessed ten times over. I see difficult now. If you don’t, just look around.

Difficult seems to be relative when it comes to these ugly thoughts. Unfortunately, I know I am not the only one thinking them.

Mercy= not being given the punishment one deserves.

((photo credit))

I heard someone once say that all we deserve is death. Only by God’s mercy and grace through Jesus Christ do we even have life and breath.

Thankful for this revelation in mercy. Thankful for His mercy. Thankful I have been saved from myself. Thankful I am His.

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