Day 18

Thankful for: craft fairs

I LOVE craft fairs. Love them.

When Jen and I were in Australia, we would go out of our way in every new place to visit as many cute little markets we could find. This is true anywhere I am.

I rarely actually buy things, but oh do I love to look. Canton, the Texas State Fair, and anything in between. These are joyful outings.

When living in a small town, or even a “big small town,” as I like to call Tyler, it takes a bit of extra work to find entertainment.

Last night, I had to look no further. I found the famous “barn sale” all the cute women talk about here!

((Yes, yes I know it was only Christmas decor there, and it is not even thanksgiving, but it’s still wonderful!))

The lovely lady that runs these sales (only three times a year!) calls this one  Vintage Christmas. The sales take place in this great barn on the outer edge of town, and the sale only lasts Wednesday through Sunday. In order to get the prime selection, we went Wednesday night, and payed the preview charge of $5 to get in. All proceeds of the preview charge benefit Samaritan’s Purse. Brilliant!

There were all kinds of unique vintage finds, and I even came away with a few small goodies to make fun Christmas pressies!

To be fair, since most of you don’t live in the Tyler area, here is my next best suggestion for your craft-fair-fix. My longtime bestie, Kim Davis, is hosting Oh Sweet Joy’s Handmade Holidays on her blog this week. Check it out! New categories of handmade every day this week, complete with great discount codes!

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