Day 19

Thankful for: Texas A&M University

Goodness I loved college. Mostly for the people, but there is no denying I went to a special school.

Freshman year a group of us decided to make as many aggie jargon jokes as possible. (There was a lot of material!)

The student life on campus is unparalleled. There are hundreds and hundreds of student-run organizations. This place was fun! Admittedly it was hard to remember that the reason we were all there was for education.

Studying? Oh, yes. I’ve been studying. I just spent the past two days in the second floor of the scc. I only got one page of my paper written, but I was working, promise. Hm.. maybe I’ll focus better in the flagroom. I mean, at least I’m on campus. It could be worse. I could be at sweets.

Admittedly, I was probably a 2%-er. I went to all of the football games, and enjoyed that it brought all my friends together, but if we lost, my life was not over. (good thing) I never made anyone “push,” or had the overalls. I still loved every second!

November 18, 1999 was a dark day in Aggie history. The traditional Bonfire collapsed, killing twelve students.


I remember watching it on the news with my parents. I have grieved every year. The Bonfire Memorial on campus at A&M is a beautiful tribute to each of the fallen.

This youtube video has been floating around since the ten-year anniversary two years ago. It is still fitting to watch it now, 12 years after the tragedy.


Thankful for a place like Texas A&M, that will always feel like home. Thankful for the 12th Man, and my Aggie family.

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