Day 20 & 21

Thankful for: Celebrations!

((it has been a busy weekend, so it might as well be a double!))

This was the weekend we have all been waiting for…

Josh & Leslie got married!!

((stole this pic off fb from when they first got engaged))

Quite possibly the funniest couple I know! Their wedding was perfect. I don’t have any pictures from the ceremony yet, but hopefully will be able to post some soon! I love this “engagement shot” of them, because it captures their personalities so well..

We all got to be friends sophomore year of college, through Impact. Josh & Leslie were co-chair partners, and the rest is history!

Junior year Josh, Jen, Greg, and I were on exec together for Impact, as the four leadership trainers. We were all serious, all the time.

See? SO much hard work. Also I laughed really, really hard looking through these oldies! Such fun times! Remember when we gave everyone very heartfelt Christmas presents? Twice? Remember when Josh almost died from eating an extremely hot pepper?Remember when we watched the newsies and Josh and Greg decided to test out what a head butt really felt like?

Josh and Leslie have been together through most of college, so naturally this wedding was a massive celebration! We have been looking forward to it for quite a while, and almost everyone was able to come in for it! It was a terrific excuse for a best friend reunion, which of course I loved.

It is easy sometimes to become a critic of weddings, but what could be more worth celebrating than a beautiful marriage? Especially when the ones getting married are so perfect for each other. I could not be happier for these two!

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