To those of us who like to craft, this is indeed a fun season.

(letters cut out of scrapbook papter, attached to twine with mini clothespins. We usually make different letters to switch out depending on the season, birthdays, exciting events, etc.)

Today our house hosted the Pine Cove Forge girls, for a day of lessons in creativity and resourcefulness. We loved having them in our home, and teaching them how to make some easy and inexpensive creations!

Look at all those cute girls, showing off their crafts!

We made headbands, ornaments, & gift tags:

Make rosettes from fabric scraps or a strip of old t-shirt, and hot glue onto a  stretchy headband or strip of t-shirt.

Buy cheap ornaments from anywhere, cut strips from an old book, dictionary, or burlap, hot glue/collage onto ornament, glue a ribbon on top, then tie with some twine!

These were a new idea we have seen at a few weddings: blow up a balloon, dip yarn in elmer’s glue, then wrap it around the balloon. Hang up the balloons to dry, then pop the balloons and pull them out! (Hopefully they will work!)

Brett taught us how to “stitch” paper onto gift tags: put cork board underneath, then poke even holes with a push pin, and thread a needle through the holes! Simple and adorable. The possibilities are endless.

We also loved getting to share our thoughts on the subject. Some of these girls were born crafting. For others, this was their first experience. We tried to stress that everyone is creative. Our Creator God, is creative. It can be an act of worship, as we are an image-bearer of our King.

I also am realizing more and more the value of being resourceful. I cannot afford to buy everything I think is cute, so I have to be creative and make things. Lucky for me, DIY is trendy these days!

Lastly, Matt Chandler always says that guys have no excuse anymore. Even if they are not the “romantic” type, “God gave us google.” I feel the same way about creativity and Pinterest! Honestly, we do not have to be born with the crafty gene, we just have to use those resources!

Such a fun day. Loving the new ideas I have for Christmas presents now!

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