Praying for a girl I don’t know

I am a self-proclaimed news junkie. I love reading the stories and skimming headlines. Occasionally, a story will really hit me.

Sunday morning I started reading tweets to pray for a girl named Lauren Scruggs, who had apparently been in a horrible accident in Dallas. I kept skimming. Though sad, I assumed it was a car accident of a woman I had no connection to.

After seeing multiple posts from college friends, I decided to click on the story.

Lauren Scruggs, 23, attended both A&M and DBU. She is a model and editor for an online fashion magazine, and was out with some friends Saturday night, flying in a small propeller plane to look at Christmas lights. Her parents have said she went back toward the plane to thank the pilot, and in the dark, walked into the propeller. She was struck on the left side of her body, suffering a skull fracture, injuries to her face, the loss of her left hand, and injuries on her shoulder area.

A Caring Bridge site has been set up for her with constant updates, already with over 172,000 visits.

Lauren is a strong believer, and her family has made it clear they wish to use this opportunity to further the name of Christ.

Her parents were featured on the Today Show and on Good Morning America yesterday.

“It’s been a really horrendous two days, but we do see some bright signs ahead, and we just thank all those who have been praying for us,’’ her father said. “We’re grateful.’’

Like I said, I do not know Lauren. The best I can remember, I have not met her, though we have several mutual friends. Yet this whole week, it is all I can think about. Maybe it’s because she is just one year younger than me. Maybe because she lives in Dallas, which is half my world these days. Maybe because sometimes I do just skim stories, when the Lord is compassionate for every story.

Whatever the reason, I have come before the Lord many times this week with a broken heart in earnest prayer.  Praying for Lauren’s healing (which has already gone impressively better than expected), praying for her family going through their worst nightmare, praying for her friends who witnessed the accident, and praying that God will make His Name known through this.

Even as I write this, my heart is heavy.

The sermon at church Sunday focused on Psalm 62:11-12a-

“One thing God has spoken,
two things have I heard:
that you, O God, are strong,
and that you, O Lord, are loving.” (emphasis mine)

Folk Angel Music has said that today through midnight, all of their proceeds from their recent Christmas record, Comfort &Joy, will go toward Lauren Scrugg’s medical fund. Easy. This is hands down my favorite new Christmas music of the year. It features a compilation of people, including Robbie Seay, Lauren Chandler, Jeff & Jourdan Johnson, Tedashi, and more. Seriously, it’s great. If you don’t have it yet, or have just been listening to it on spotify, I encourage you to purchase it today. Great music, worthy cause.

I also ask you to join me in prayer for a girl and a family you may not know. The Lord is gracious and compassionate. And He is strong.

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