Quality Time & Quality Friends

My love language is hands-down quality time.

In college I hit a gold mine of friends who shared the same affinity for quality time, and we did everything together. It has been well over two years since those days, so we make the most of the chances we have now.

Another member of our “familee” got married this weekend in Lake Jackson, so we all came together to celebrate Kevin & Lauren!

Sweet Lauren has been working in an orphanage in Cambodia for the past year, and she had her dress made there! I would also like to note that this might be the first picture we have ever taken where everyone is making a great face! Success.

The wedding itself was a lot of fun, but we managed to spread the celebration throughout the whole weekend. Because of the location, we also got to see our other dear friends- the parents of Greg and Michael! We are all like family, so naturally we have become friends with each other’s parents as well.

Michael’s parents fed us almost every meal at their house, and let us sit around and talk with them for hours on end- even when Michael was not home! Their hospitality was such a gift.

As seen in that picture above, one important friend was missing this weekend: Greg. He has been in Brazil with the IMB through Journeyman for the last year and a half, and we miss him! To cope, Michael made a cutout of Greg, and we took pictures like he was with us all weekend.

On the way to the rehearsal with Matt:

Taking a jumping picture in the backyard with Jen, me, and Lacey:

Jumping over me like always:

Sitting in prime spots at the wedding:

Doing “the worm” at the reception with Tyson:

I think I will be laughing at these pictures for quite a while.. Consider these pictures a peek into our lives in college.

We also enjoyed getting to spend time with Greg’s parents and hear about his life in Brazil and the relationships he has been building. They also showed us more pictures of where he is and what his life looks like these days.

I just could not have asked for a better weekend, and keep thinking of words like “deep, rich, and full” to describe how I felt at the end of it. There were countless conversations about how the Lord has continued to teach and grow us since college, even as we are spread across the country. I had a Β  few emotional moments, as I realized that in the next year and a half probably three more of these friends will leave to move overseas.

Indeed I am thankful to have such Kingdom-minded friends. Whether they are headed to a third world country, working in corporate America, or somewhere in between, it is so apparent that they wholeheartedly love Jesus. I am thankful to have friends like these who inspire me daily and consistently point me to the cross.

They also make me laugh.. a LOT. Crowd surfing::

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