In 2011…

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Last January, while everyone else was making massive potentially life-altering resolutions, we made an “In 2011…” board in our kitchen.

We made it to document every exciting, entertaining, impressive, and silly thing that happened to any of the roommates.

There are three of us that have been constant all year, plus 4 other girls in and out throughout.

Here are some fun takeaways:

  • We were in 4 countries at once! USA (Hannah), Peru (me), Argentina (Melanie), & Honduras (Elizabeth)
  • Melanie moved in
  • Hannah & Chelsea ran a full 26.2 mile marathon (!!!)
  • Elizabeth bought a plane ticket to visit Grant in Africa
  • Elizabeth fell in love… (that wasn’t officially on the list, but it happened)
  • We took a super-fun road trip to Fayetteville, AR, and even got a 2010 roommate (Carrie) to join!
  • Melanie, Elizabeth & I jumped on the bandwagon and got cool trendy feathers in our hair
  • We celebrated #chelseaday2011 & started a hashtag crazy trend.. (best roommates ever)
  • Melissa moved in for the summer!
  • Melanie spent the night in our house 11 times in 11 weeks this summer.
  • Grant came home from Africa early and PROPOSED to our sweet Elizabeth!! Surprise!
  • Melissa moved out & got married!
  • New roommates Tamara and Amy moved in
  • Melanie flew to INDIA to visit her sister!
  • I visited best friends in Memphis & Boulder, CO!
  • We hosted a craft day for the Forge girls
  • Melanie & I have watched seasons 1-5 of the office.. and laughed and laughed and laughed
  • Melanie & I went on a recruiting trip to Oklahoma together, and lived through two earthquakes!
  • I got to reunite with best friends several times this Fall
  • Elizabeth was the maid of honor in her best friend Hunter’s wedding!

It was super fun to document these events and others as they happened!

During this pressurized season of resolutions, bear in mind the goals you make are meant to be blessings, not burdens. Get up earlier to refresh your body, mind, and spirit. Keep that room clean because it will no longer be a stressor if it’s organized. Run because it’s healthy. Celebrate the small and the big!

2011 has been full, fun, and fantastic. I fully expect 2012 to be the best year yet. Can’t hardly wait to see what we will get to write on the “In 2012…” board! I recommend starting one in your home too!

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