Back to Peru

What better way to start a new year than to leave the country?

Today is the day! After months of eager preparation, I am currently in transit to Peru with 11 impressive college students from across the nation.

((photo credit))

Pine Cove started Commission Camping trips several years ago, in response to the Lord’s conviction that we are a “ten talent ministry.” Our board felt we needed to use what the Lord has blessed us with here to invest in other countries to multiply disciples the best way we know how.

In short, we send a team of our college summer staffers to partner with Christian Camping International (CCI) in Latin America to put on camp for kids in the area. One PC staffer will be a co-counselor with a CCI staffer, and through hands-on training, we will train the nationals how to run an effective & sustainable ministry. We send a team for 3 consecutive years, with each year model more evolved, and by the time the 3rd year is up, the national team is ready to go it alone.

This is Year 2 for Peru, and I am very blessed to have the opportunity to return. I am excited for a chance to practice my Spanish some more, to see some familiar faces, and to make great the Name of Christ.

You can check out all of the trip blogs (there are 9) at the Pine Cove Missions site.

Also, I will be the one writing the blog for the Peru trip, so please follow along! When I return I’m sure I’ll have hundreds of pictures and dozens of stories to share!

Ciao for now!

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