Peru Recap

((Back to blogging!))

Although, it feels like I have not taken much of a break, since I was writing the posts for our Commission Camping trip to Peru the last couple weeks! If you haven’t taken a few minutes to scan that blog, I encourage you to do so. It is full of pictures of our team, funny stories, and our day-to-day adventures.

I said in an earlier post here that this was my second trip to Peru. Before the trip, I was excited to return, but did not really have any expectations. I assumed it would be a decent ten days.

On the plane ride over, I wrote this in my journal:

Father, please work in my heart this week. Surprise me. I trust you. Open hands & open heart. Please Lord – look on this camp with favor.

I loved this trip. Loved the staff that came along with us.

Loved getting to be on the beach

Loved that practical jokes know no language barriers

I loved getting to be back in the same place for a second year in a row. Half of our staff returned, and half of theirs returned. It was a true partnership of teams. They planned a lot of the program, and we added in a few activity classes, night games, and club talks. I got to speak (through a translator) at club on John 17 and the idea of multiplying disciples.

Our campers were older, mostly in their twenties. They are leaders and key volunteers in their churches, and I cried when they left. I continue to pray that they will take the gospel further than I could ever imagine.

Being back a second year, it took no time for me to adjust to the conditions. I never even had a countdown going in my head. The Lord gave me a spirit of contentment, and I was able to fully focus on building relationships.

I love Peru. Still dying to go to Machu Picchu.. It has officially been added to my bucket list!

Loved getting to hang out with sweet Molly during most of the camp, since neither of us were in cabins. Thankful for her! Also thankful for her Spanish-speaking skills. It was great to get to have deeper conversations with some of the Peruvian team through her!

So grateful for all of your prayers. The Lord answered them abundantly!

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