It is no secret that I love Pinterest. When I first learned about it this past summer, I kept gushing about it to all the girls at camp. I’m sure they all loved that, since they have no access to internet during the week…

Pinterest has also sparked a million debates and cynical comments in its short life so far. Before anyone gets their hot glue gun all tangled up, just realize that Pinterest, a new form of social media, is morally neutral. Someone invented a clever way to share and categorize ideas found on the internet.

If we have made it into a glorified time-waster, that is not Pinterest’s fault. Anything in excess can become sin. Let’s not blow this out of proportion. I like to think of the great Pinterest as a genius resource!

For example, I recently collaborated with Lacey to make an awesome gift for Jen before she leaves. Since Jen is moving to Thailand in less than a month, we knew her birthday gift needed to be something small and practical. Jen loves maps & globes (who doesn’t?), and I know her Thai friends will love to see where she’s from in Texas.

I found this cool idea on pinterest via this blog, and we went for it!

We bought a map with great colors at a local bookstore, then printed the letters in fonts we liked. All we had left was to cut, trace, and paint!

It might have been a bit quicker to use stencils like the tutorial said, but stencils are risky with paint! Besides, we loved the quality time together!

I just love it. Now I totally want to make one for myself too!

Pinterest: making gift-giving that much easier and heartfelt. Jen used my own pinboards to pick out something to make for my Christmas present! Genius. Use pinterest for good. There is a lot of good to be created!

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