Breaking a Life Rule

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Maybe the circle you are in does not talk about these “life rules.” Mine does.

Some people have life rules like, “don’t yell.” Or, “don’t be awkward.”

I can narrow mine down to these:

  1. Be polite. This explains why I really hate “bathroom humor.” Who on earth decided that could be polite conversation? Not okay. It also explains why it took me a while to learn how to approach confrontation. Or why I never want to decide where to eat. It is not really because I am so selfless, (I’m not), I just want you to have the first pick. That is just politeness speaking.
  2. Don’t pay for a gym membership. Why would you need to pay money for that? Good grief people- run outside! Play a game with friends! Go for a bike ride! I trained for a full marathon, in the winter, while working full time, without joining a gym. I also get embarrassingly red and sweaty when I work out inside, and why would I want to see people I know while in that state? No thanks- I’d rather spend my money on something else.
  3. No socks with sandals. Yes, I am talking to you, you who wear socks with chacos. Sick. I could not even do it when it was 35 degrees outside and those were the only shoes I had.

I have to confess I have broken rule #2. I joined a gym.

The tiniest gym ever. The workout room for classes fills up with eight people. There are only four elipticals. ((gasp)) There is only one main room; no hiding in a different corner if I see someone I want to avoid (like someone who runs faster and/or still has perfect hair).

These observations might warrant a question. I seem to be a gym expert.. being able to call my gym tiny, I must have something to compare it to. True. Most of my life I have been a member of a gym somewhere, but I never had to pay for it until after college! That explains the soapbox I have been on for the last two years.

Oh, the sad pains of growing up…

I joined the gym down the street from where I live. Who knew there would even be gyms out here in the sticks? Also, just about everyone I work with goes there too. So much for putting my best face forward. Then again, I do work at camp.

This might not last long, but I just have to pay month-to-month. Maybe once the sun stays up longer I will need it less. For now, I must confess I am loving the social aspect of hard workout classes that have made me really sore, and no more excuses to train for that hiking trip to Israel coming up!

There goes that life rule… For the record, I will not be breaking that socks with sandals one anytime soon. Or ever.


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