Beauty in Patterns

It has been a full week since my last post.. Busy week. Got a new boss at work, found out another great PC leader is leaving, worked a conference, some dear friends celebrated their engagement, I helped coordinate my roommate’s valentine surprise from her fiance across the globe, my best friend Jen is moving to Thailand next weekend for the next 2 years, and I still live in a house with no internet.

Whew. Updated.

Also, I have recently become obsessed with patterns. I keep seeing them everywhere.

I am consistently fascinated by these gorgeous herringbone and chevron patterns. My roommates and I had a debate about which was which. From what I can tell from google, this canvas is herringbone. Chevron is the same minus the middle line. (If I’m wrong, please- someone tell me the difference!)

I worked on this project, just for fun, during this crazy past week. I needed to create something. I needed to create something beautiful (at least to me) with my own hands. Sometimes I feel guilty for liking “girly” or “pretty” things. Last week I was reminded on a run that God must appreciate beauty too. Go outside. It must be true. He is The Creator. Another way to be an image-bearer.

Then I started thinking about patterns. God loves patterns too. The sun rises every morning, and sets every evening. We eat three meals a day. Penguins in the southern hemisphere go back and find their nests after months of swimming in the ocean. (Don’t believe me? I’ve seen it. Check out Phillip Island, AUS)

I confess spiritual disciplines sometimes feel like a drag to me. I hide behind the “routines are a rut” mentality.

I am learning to see beauty in patterns. Beauty in disciplines. I think God sees the beauty of that too.

Originally inspired by this pin from this blog.

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