Saturday Snippets

None of this post will flow together.

Because who has energy for a full-blown blog post on a Saturday, anyway?

This week I have used way too much Tresemme dry shampoo. I promise I’m still taking showers, and even washing my hair, but it just seems to work better with that stuff.

I have this thing where I just have to know what everyone’s talking about, all the time. Naturally, I’ve been dying to watch the show that has captivated girls everywhere:

Several friends have told me I would love it, and I have read countless excited tweets about it. That stuff really, really gets me. I just have to know.

I’m at my parents’ house this weekend, and I casually asked them if they had heard of this “somewhat recent PBS phenomenon.” They glanced at each other awkwardly, then mom told me she is obsessed with it, and has already sent me season 1 DVD in the mail! They know me too well.

We then watched the first episode together, and I can easily see what the hype is about! I love it already. I especially love the father’s love for justice. I’ll be watching for more themes like that. I cannot wait to see what happens next. ((No spoilers please!))

I have also become recently fascinated by fashion blogs. At first I thought they were totally weird. Who posts seven different pictures of themselves in one outfit? Weird.

I catch on to trends really easily.

Here are a few I have been looking at::

  • Sparkles & Stripes. I feel pretty honored to be real-life friends with a girl this trendy. I’m glad she started a blog so I can read her tricks!
  • Oh, Sweet Joy! Surely most of you are reading this girl by now, but if not, please do. She’s not a fashion-only blogger, but I sure love when she does! I’d also like to point out that I was her MOH. Since Kim’s pretty much famous, that remains my one claim to fame.
  • Kendi Everyday. So I’m not real friends with this girl yet… But she was in my dream two nights ago. I hope that’s not too creepy. I just love her outfits, okay?

I have been trying really hard not to throw a pity party about not going to the Ben Rector & Needtobreathe concert this week like everyone else has. To cope, I bought a new record by a guy named Jordan Hurst called “Open Hands, Empty Pockets,” and it’s awesome. He has a similar sound to both BR & NTB, plus he & his wife just left to do missions in India! All of the proceeds go toward their support.

Jen leaves for Thailand today! She called yesterday, and I was beyond thrilled to get one last phone conversation in before two years of skype calls and time differences. So incredibly proud of her!

Happy Saturday!


3 thoughts on “Saturday Snippets

  1. Love everything about this! (And… I’m looking forward to your thoughts on D.A.– I breezed through Season 1 last year, but I’ve yet to catch up on Season 2.)

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