Spring Anticipation

Spring is my most favorite season. The first day it feels warm and sunny I go all giddy inside.

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I know summer has its perks, and I enjoy bundling up in scarves for at least a week in Texas winter, but the Spring is an entirely different experience. Everything about it screams newness!

There are so many things to be excited about in the Spring. Perfect 65 degree sunny days make me restless beyond reason to go on a trip somewhere! Especially plane rides. Because plane rides equal the best destinations of course.

Here are the things I’m giddy with anticipation about right now:

  • Going on a plane ride. A big plane ride. One that will even include jet lag.
  • Taking that plane ride to Israel for ten days with some fun friends!
  • In my eager preparation for this trip to Israel, I have been trying to review several stories in the Bible in significant locations. Turns out I’m “reviewing” the whole Bible, which immensely adds to my giddy anticipation.
  • Spring flowers. I can find a flower I love in any season, but the ones right now are, without question, the most beautiful. Don’t try to argue with me here.

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  • In addition to gorgeous spring flowers being sold again in shops, east Texas boasts incredible azaleas everywhere. I was slightly overwhelmed last year when they made their appearance, then promptly fell in love. The memories of those flowers in this town got me through some of the 110+ days just a few months later.
  • Bright colors. I’m obsessed with the Gap’s new spring marketing: Be Bright. How fun is that?
  • Eating fresh blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, and making them a part of every single meal. (It can be done)
  • My birthday. Come on, I can be excited about it. Birthdays are fully worth celebrating!
  • Running outside. I still manage to sneak a few outside runs in the winter, but it’s tricky. It gets dark so early, plus there is the occasional freezing cold. Spring days are the best days to run.

Spring days make me feel excited about anything and everything. It’s like creation fighting back against the dreary winter wilderness, and breathing hope back into our souls. My heart beats faster just thinking about it. God knew we would need seasons. What a precious gift.

((photo credit))

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