Summer Prep!

((I just wrote a post about Spring. I know, I know. I’m getting ahead of myself. The calendar still calls today “winter.” Whatever.))

But this weekend we got to spend some intentional time talking about Summer 2012!

Most people I meet these days get really confused when I tell them I work at a summer camp. They get really confused because it’s actually not always summer. I usually get an awkward pitying smile and the question, “So, um, what do you do the rest of the year?”

Well, lots of things. One of which is hiring all the staff for the summer (around 1300), so we can have enough staffers for the 23,000 campers we will have in summer 2012 alone.

Also, camp doesn’t just run itself. It takes a significant amount of preparation, especially in the form of training up leaders to make it happen! At the Towers where I work, we have a team of 15 college students charged with leading the rest of the Towers college staff. These people make it all happen.

We set aside one teensie weekend in the spring for them all to come to Tyler and learn everything they need to know about summer leadership. Ha. One teensie weekend!

Still, it was great to take the time to focus on the main thing. Pine Cove is, above all, centered on the gospel. We are passionate followers of Jesus Christ. Before we can lead, we must follow.

We also managed to make time for some brainstorming… Let’s just say I am prepared to never stop laughing. All summer. Love these people. Can’t wait to have the whole staff together in May!

One thought on “Summer Prep!

  1. Looks like a stacked team you got there!

    I mean it should only take one teensie weekend to go over EVERYTHING they need to know.

    No big deal.

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