Headed to Israel

Tomorrow’s the big day! In case I haven’t told you, or if you haven’t picked up on all the hints lately, I leave tomorrow morning to go to Israel for ten days with the Pine Cove Forge students & friends!

((photo credit + more cool travel posters))

For several months now, I keep getting the same question: “Are you excited?!”

Well, yes.

I love to travel. After college I traveled through Australia and New Zealand with my best friend for a grand 4 months. We saw beauty I never knew existed. It was incredible. I also loved getting to meet a new culture in Peru the last two years for a couple of short-term trips.

I love any kind of traveling. Growing up we couldn’t afford to go international much, or even to take tons of plane rides, but we made sure to go on plenty of vacations. My parents always made these trips an event. To us, the San Antonio Riverwalk might as well have been Paris! We would take time to plan out every excursion, and make the most of our budget by eating most meals at the cheap places. (A meal is just a meal, after all. Let’s ride a roller coaster!) We would count down in anticipation for weeks.

To be honest, I’m not sure what to expect out of this trip. I know we plan to hike 8-10 miles a day. I know we’re going to see the Sea of Galilee. I know I’m going to put my feet in the Dead Sea. I know I’m going to see the valley where David killed Goliath. I know I’m about to visit the land where most of the Bible was written. I know God calls this land one that “flows with milk & honey.”

But that’s all.

Would you pray for me and the 51 others on this trip? Pray that we have ears to hear, and eyes to see. Pray for safe travel. (Read many news articles about Israel lately? Ha. My mom loves that I added that I’m sure.)

I cannot wait to share stories and pictures when I get back!

Follow along with our trip here: forgeisrael.wordpress.com 

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