Well, the roommates and I have an announcement::


Okay, so I really would have rather had some cute picture/print to display that announcement, but in my (highly thorough) pinterest search, the best one I came across was this cutie (which falsely indicates the  moving in past tense. Not true):

((the pin took me to this awesome site full of awesome stationary. Seriously. Look at it.))

Regardless, part of the fun of living in staff housing is the adventure. We speculated for weeks whether we would be moving out this summer or not. In typical fashion, I “wisely” pushed the conversation under the rug. Mel went to the right people and asked them what the dealio was.

Basically, we’re moving houses, only about a mile away, into this rock-star of a house right on the lake.

Yeah. Pretty sweet deal. (Also in need of a serious power wash.)

Oh, did I mention we’re moving next Tuesday? Like, eight days from now?

We will have a few fun projects awaiting us inside:

(Please note the fun friends saying hello on the walls.)

There are a few things I don’t understand in life. Facebook forking over $1 billion in cash for an iPhone app, trillions of dollars in national debt, wood paneling, and floral wallpaper.

Maybe it’s one of those “I’ll understand when I’m older” things.

Anyway, we’re hoping/planning/crossing our fingers/holding it loosely to master the art of painting wood paneling and removing some wallpaper in the next few days/weeks.

Am I wasting extremely valuable packing time by snapping pictures and blogging about this move? Will I still be documenting every moment? Absolutely. Chelsea in home improvement mode does not come around often.

Here’s hoping I can focus enough to start stuffing things in boxes. Yes- start. Happy Monday!

3 thoughts on “Moving!

  1. Yeah, I literally said, “Yo Bunga, whats the dealio???”

    Also, I found some really great floral wallpaper to put over that ugly stuff…what if we did?

    Wood paneling: here we come!!

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