Moving: Phase One


It turns out our departure date might not be as rushed as originally thought. Possibly even a whole week later! Score!

For the record, I prefer the description, “really good at deadlines” rather than “procrastinator.” 

I really did fully intend to pack last night. We even went and stuffed my car full of boxes from a friend last night!

So, the good news is, now we have some boxes to start the process.

The bad news is, I took that picture this morning. As in, I did not even bother taking them out of the car. Unfortunately, my car now reeks of cardboard and smells suspiciously like a Home Depot. Maybe that will inspire me to action..?

Anyway, last night instead of packing, or cleaning, or eating anything besides a bowl of popcorn, Mel and I decided to watch the final two episodes of Downton Abbey (season 2). Oh.My.Word. Totally worth it.

Here’s hoping that phase 2 includes a reality check.

Moving day countdown: TBD.

2 thoughts on “Moving: Phase One

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