Moving: Phase Two


After all, it’s just me. I haven’t even lived in this house two years, and I’m definitely not a hoarder. I routinely have closet clean-outs, and I really don’t have that much closet space.

Phase 2 of moving is pretty intense. As soon as things start getting into boxes, everything seems to multiply.

These titles came in for a close second to describe this phase: “So this is why they invented kindles.” Or “Ziplock bags find their higher purpose.”

Not a hoarder, but I did find a shoebox I’ve been keeping the past couple months, because it has a cool printed pattern on the sides. Also, I have several things stuffed under my bed.

Age 25. Stuff hiding under my bed.

Obviously, I am not taking or posting any pictures of the embarrassing amount of junk I have somehow acquired. Only those brave (or silly) enough to help me pack will see that.

Last night I came home to Mel and Elizabeth packing up our living room (and making it look totally lame and un-homey. Bummer.) I have this moving practice where I make it the very last step to take things off the walls. Blank walls make me feel like I live in a cell. (Again, not procrastination.)

Regardless, the good news is, we are making progress!

Mel looking sad (even in neon- which is pretty difficult) in our decoration-less living room, stacking millions of old magazines on the awesome new coffee table she built. (!)

In the past two years, several girls have lived here, even if only for a semester. Three of them have been engaged, therefore piling up an impressive display of wedding magazines. I don’t hate it.

I would never describe the moving process as “fun,” but this phase is actually pretty cool. By seeing how much stuff I have accumulated in such a short time, I realize how silly all of it is. I’ll get to throw away at least 5 trash bags of junk, and give away at least that much. Moving keeps my perspective clear. Even just moving down the road gives me a wake-up call to my materialism. I’m constantly asking myself, “Do I need this? Is it really that important?” I am thankful for the opportunity to focus on simplicity.

**This phase will repeat during the actual move.

4 thoughts on “Moving: Phase Two

  1. Ziplocks find their higher purpose…classic.

    I have found that suitcases are good for packing books because then you don’t have to lift them, they roll.

    I’m so proud that you are posting a blog and NOT packing…again.

    I don’t hate it.

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