Moving: Phase Three

{Slight Chaos}

((from this pin on pinterest))

My brain kind of feels like this picture right now. Which is okay, since crazy patterns & prints are totally trendy right now.

I guess I should have seen it coming. Moving makes anyone feel crazy. There is not a room in our [current] house without some sort of ugly-brown-box-obstacle course.  Plus we have all been working hectic schedules, and trying to prep the new house to be ready for move-in.

This begs the question, how do moms do it? Seriously?

It has been a huge blessing to get to work on the new house before we bring in our truckloads of stuff. We even went earlier this week to pick out paint colors for our bedrooms, kitchen, and dining room!

((Yes- bedrooms too! People came in this week and painted over + re-textured the wallpaper! Florals, be gone!))

I am excited to get painting and get moving. But first, there’s the never-ending packing (see phase two), the taping of the walls, painting the trim, getting rid of the “leftovers” from the previous owners, trying to brainstorm what to do with all these windows:


There are literally 4 walls of solid windows. I mean, I love them during the day, but at night, a girl needs some curtains. Any ideas?

Then there’s the front door. What color do we paint it? Choosing a paint color for the front door is like choosing the color for a sorority t-shirt. ((I’ve been scarred from way too many circular arguments over the difference between robins-egg blue and cajun shrimp. It’s just a shirt. We get five more next semester.))

We want it to go with the front cream color brick outside, but also lighten up the wood paneling (there for eternity) in the foyer area. Suggestions?

Possibly the best news I got all week was witnessing the removal of the animals on the walls.

Animals on the walls.

Things are chaotic right now, but that’s all part of the moving process, right? the solution is to just keep moving, yes?

Moving Day Countdown: Soon. Really soon.

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