Top Ten Reasons My Dad is the Best

Today is my dad’s BIRTHDAY!!

In honor of his day, I compiled a list of reasons why he is the greatest. That’s what birthdays are for, after all!

*In no particular order. This list is  not all-inclusive.*

1.  He kills bugs for me. Occasionally he will act like he’s going to make me kill one, but then he always swoops in to save the day in my moment of dire need. To all of the current and future dads out there, do not ever underestimate the power of bug-killing for your daughters.

2.  He teaches me about sports. I suppose I would have caught on eventually, but I specifically remember a long conversation about the definition of a “hit” in baseball. Come on, that is confusing. Thanks Dad for being ridiculously patient and not making me feel silly for all the questions.

3.  He takes care of me. This manifests itself in many different ways (see #1, 5, 6, 8, plus many more) but it certainly deserves its own point. As a daughter, knowing that her dad has got her, no matter what, is valuable beyond words.

4.  He makes me laugh. He can make “dad jokes” better than most, but not all his jokes are corny. The guy is incredibly witty. Whenever I’m home, I always have to be on my A-game to keep up at the dinner table.

5.  He taught me about the working world. In high school I started working for him after school, and it was my first “office job.” I have learned a lot by watching his work ethic through the years. I still remember him telling me once, “If you run out of things to do, you need to ask me for more.” Common sense, right? I was sixteen. And grateful to learn this lesson from Dad, not another employer!

6.  He changes light bulbs for me. This hit me a few months ago, when my roommate came into my room one day, appalled that there were at least five bulbs out in my room. I’m not helpless; I did make it through four years in college with working light bulbs, but at home, it really was always him. That is impressive. (see #3)

7.  He supports me. This applies to all areas of my life, but especially while growing up he came to every one of my volleyball games. (Even the ones when I sat on the bench) He would have been at anything I was involved in, but I think he’s pretty appreciative I chose athletics as my activity-of-choice. Ha.

8.  He cares about my friends. This may seem unimportant, but it is a big deal to me. He listens to me gab on and on about all of the important people in my life, some of whom he has never met. If you have ever met my dad, he probably remembered you immediately from some story I told him. Sometimes he remembers a little too well and seizes the opportunity to embarrass me, but I guess that comes with the territory.

9.  He listens to people. It’s actually hilarious. People come out of nowhere to talk to him. Gas stations, movie ticket lines, restaurants, etc. We joke that he must have a giant “I’m listening” sign on his forehead at all times.

10.  He loves the Lord. He doesn’t just add “Christian” to a list of adjectives beside his name, his life revolves around a Savior he loves and adores. His example has been crucial in my own faith. He loves my mom, and has shown me what a godly marriage looks like. He loves my sister and me, and has shown me what a godly father looks like. He really is the best.

((made via Red Stamp. It took me way too long to discover the brilliance of this app))

My dad is also the worship leader at my home church, so I thought it was fitting that Jon Acuff wrote a post today called When Worship Songs Go Blank on his blog Stuff Christians Like. It’s hilarious!

Happiest of birthdays to you, Dad! I love you!

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