Moving: Phase Four

{Friends Come to Help Save the Day}

I have enjoyed writing these posts about moving, because it is one of those life events everyone can relate to, and  the phases I have listed are pretty universal.

Recently I came across a site called MyMove, (powered by giant movers called Mayflower), and they listed a few interesting facts about “one of the most exciting events of your life.” According to their article Did You Know? Interesting Facts about Moving, the only two other life events more stressful than moving are death and divorce.

So, whew. We made it.

Here’s where my story seems to differ from the general public. The past few days have been packed to the brim, but so many friends came to help us.

This weekend I casually mentioned to a few girls that we [ambitiously] planned to paint four rooms on Saturday. If they were free, would they be interested in a painting party?

((Who falls for this stuff?))

Then they came! Several girls trekked over to the house, on their precious day off, a sunny perfect-for-laying-out-Saturday, and joyfully painted baseboards, trim, and giant, never-ending walls.

They listened to me anxiously drone on about whether the color I picked for my room was “too peach,” or whether the silly 20 minute drive to town was worth it to change the color… (see post: Life in the Country), and then they still kept painting!

It was the greatest. Thank you so much girls! We got four whole rooms done!

Next, we scheduled our actual moving time for Tuesday afternoon. A few people told us they would show up to help load our whole house, but we were nervous it would take ages because, my goodness, we have a lot of stuff.

It turns out, Pine Cove directors make for the best moving team! How great is it that they made it part of their summer-prep retreat to come carry couches for us?!

((not the greatest picture due to afternoon lighting issues, but you get it))

These guys had everything done in less than two hours. Unbelievable. It was an incredible blessing to us to have such great help them do everything for us! They barely let us lift a thing.

I just cannot fathom moving without friends to come help, keep the sanity going, and calm the paint-color-anxiety. From the bottom of our much-less-stressed hearts,

((photo credit))

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