When Roommates Move On

After high school, I expected to form deep relationships with college roommates. And I did. The best. I love those girls. I have watched several of them move out, get married, have a baby (!), travel the world, and settle scattered across the country.

It was hard to get so close then watch them leave, but I expected that.

This month marks three years since college graduation. Since that day, I have lived with eleven girls. The twenties are transitional years; multiple roommates are no surprise. Because of this, I did not expect the same depth post-college.

Except, one roommate moved out this week.

((getting paid to play, as usual))

Elizabeth, or “Cheno” as we call her (short for her last name of Chenoweth), left Pine Cove this week to move home for a few months before her wedding in August, preceding her move with Grant to South Sudan with The Radler Foundation. ((follow along with their incredible story at grantandelle.wordpress.com.))

We have lived two years under the same roof of camp staff housing. I listened to her squeal with joy when Grant called to ask her on their first date. We kept each other sane through changes and challenging work schedules. I sat through all the hundreds of pictures from her first trip to Africa to visit him last March. She knows my dreams, my fears, what color nail polish I like best, my entire morning routine, and she taught me the gospel of thick headbands. Where would I be without her?

Roommates move on. It happens. It’s expected. We’re even excited for them when they leave.

But it hurts. It’s hard to say goodbye; hard to wrap up years of late night laughter and can-you-believe-this-happened-today conversations. It’s hard to put into a hug all the thankfulness for the time shared. Hard to convey how rich a season could be. Hard to give credit for all the lessons learned through such a sweet friendship.

Even as I re-read these words, I know God is faithful. He is everlasting, strong, and loving. This is a story of His great gifts. Whatever change may come, God is faithful. He loves his children.

6 thoughts on “When Roommates Move On

  1. dear friend. tears as i read your words. i have none adequate enough to say “i agree” to the depth of which i agree with you. you are SO loved and so missed, even after one day. love you.

  2. Okay…I have decided that we need Cheno back here RIGHT NOW!!!!

    We should just all live together forever…see ya in Heaven!

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  4. Yes, dear one. I love you and your insights. I’m crying now — yes, she’s moved out and AWAY! What a wonderful blessing you are to our E.

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