The Whirlwind.

That word is the best I can think of to describe this summer. This post will probably reflect that feeling.

I think it ends up like that for everyone. Currently, we are in our last week of camp at Pine Cove, and I feel it. To any consistent readers out there, you have probably noticed my lack of consistency this season. Working full time at a summer camp will do that I guess. ((I have been writing some posts on our staff blog, but if you are not a pc staffer, you might not think it’s very impressive. Or that it makes any sense. Consider yourself warned.))

Working full time, year round, at a “summer” camp gets people really confused. I usually get a lot of blank stares after I tell people what I do these days. I can’t tell you how many well meaning extended family members have sweetly asked, “Okay, so what exactly do you do?” Mostly I’m too weary to go into any decent explanation, so I end up mumbling something about the 20,000 + campers we’ve had this summer, the 1200 college staff I helped interview and hire to make it happen, and the weekend groups I coordinate and run during the rest of the year. Like I said, it’s not a decent explanation.

But I do try to emphasize how fun of a job I have. Look at these girls I have had the privilege of working beside this summer:

This song, featuring Lauren Chandler and put out by the Village Church has been on repeat in my room all summer. If “weary” describes your emotions right now, give it a listen.

As usual, camp has taken over my world this summer, but I managed to get in a few good books as well. I highly recommend The Meaning of Marriage by Tim Keller. Single? Read it. Engaged? Read it. Married? Read it. My favorite part was how well-written and researched it was.

I’m also forcing my way through Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte. Basically I’m reading it because it is one of those “classics” that “everyone should read.” Well, I keep waiting for it to get better. Maybe the last 15% will be better. ((Is it too much to ask for a heroine I can respect and a story that’s fun to read? To all you English majors, forgive me. I just don’t see it.))

I should also point out that I am thankful to live in a country with the means to go to the dentist. There, I said it. Whew. I am not thankful for the three fillings I had to get filled a few weeks ago, or my still numb tongue. Apparently that super fun shot that comes with the drilling can hit a nerve to keep a tongue numb for six weeks. Naturally, I”m thrilled. Still.

In other news, three new roommates move in next week! To prepare, the house is being remodeled to add a couple of bedrooms (complete with killer lake views!), and no matter how many times I try to clean, a house being remodeled is never clean. Words of wisdom.

Last Saturday I split my day between a camp closing day, plus my great-grandmother’s 95th birthday party, and a wedding celebration of some sweet friends. That same ever-messy house was full to the brim with guests and friends in for the wedding. I loved it.

I cannot wait to breathe again, after the whirlwind settles, but I also dread the goodbyes to come this weekend! The staff this summer have been incredible. The Lord has worked in and through them in big ways. Looking back over the past few months, my heart is overwhelmed with His goodness and faithfulness. We learned to trust, depend, pray, serve, love, and stand. And so we stand, continually.

((photo credit))

True confession: I pulled up to the Starbucks parking lot this afternoon, and then shockingly picked Dairy Queen for my office. East Texas is changing me people. Did you know DQ now has Orange Julius smoothies? How could I say no to that? I recommend triple berry. Yum. 

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