New Roommates!

Roommates are a big deal.

I’ve written about them here, here, and here.

So this summer, after we had moved into the awesome lake house (recently dubbed, The Lakeshire), I was thrilled. It’s beautiful. This is literally my view every evening:

Between living in staff housing and working at camp, my roommates have always been assigned. This assignment process is weird and potentially nerve-wracking, except that all the girls out here are awesome. They’ve all been better roommates to me than I’ve been to them so far. No worrying necessary.

Until this summer. After a slight shuffle and some transitions, I lived in our big giant lake house in the woods all alone. Former roommates of mine know that this would be a beating for me. Seriously, walking in the door after a long day, with no one to debrief with?! What do I even do?

The good news is, summer’s pretty busy around here, so I wasn’t home too much, and I certainly had plenty of people to talk to while at camp.

Still, I was bored.

August behind me at last, the new roommates are here!

Five girls! Coming home is incredibly refreshing  and never boring these days. Also, I live in a house of M’s. From left: Mallory, Molly, Melanie (she’s been a roommate the past year and a half- minus summers- we live weird lives), me, then Maggie.

These girls are the greatest. The Lord gives sweet gifts; not only are these girls awesome, but I’m pretty sure by now they are all of the quality-time love language. It’s a good thing too, because otherwise I’d just burst into their room, plop down on the carpet and dish whether they wanted to or not.

Oh wait, I do that too.

Thursday the Lakeshire girls hosted the “Fun House girls” plus our friend Rachel for a lovely last-minute-thrown-together dinner party. ((One guess whose brilliant planning/idea that was. Guilty.))

We had the best time! Our killer views don’t come with TV or internet still, but I must admit, I love the after-dinner lingering at the table for hours on end. Plus, there’s still plenty of time for a few episodes of Downton Abbey on DVD. The new roommates are hooked, and I mean, I guess I’ll sacrifice and watch it all again…

Thanks, Lord, for such beautiful fun friends and roommates in this season. I’m soaking it up.

While we’re talking about terrific women, have you found anything from Trades of Hope yet? See the post below for more details! The party’s still going people!

3 thoughts on “New Roommates!

  1. ok, cutie Lakeshire girls. Cuties. I want your view, in more ways than one. Forgive me if I comment on each of your posts. You are just that loverly. Cuties…

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