Worth Celebrating

This weekend I went to a wedding to celebrate the marriage of one of my dear friends, Jenn (Crouse) Haskew.

((photo credit Ryan Price Photography*))

To put it simply, I go to a lot of weddings these days. Between being a recent college graduate, the number of roommates I’ve had through the years, and working with college students at pine cove, it just adds up. I adore a good wedding. I’ve been known to browse wedding blogs for hours on end, I’ve toyed with the idea of career wedding planning, I’ve worked at a few flower shops through the years… I can’t help it. I’m girly and I love them.

The sheer number of weddings I attend tends to encourage a more analytical eye than the casual wedding-goer. I’m the annoying one who notices the details. I see the way the guestbook is arranged on the front table with a few small (perfectly picked) flowers. I listen to the pre-dance party tunes carefully selected by the couple. Those details that drive the bride crazy as the countdown gets smaller each day? I appreciate them.

In the grand scheme of things, I totally know these details don’t matter. For the bride, the wedding day is such a flurry of people and hugs and what was his name again? and first dance! and yikes I hope the ring fits and seriously- STOP putting more makeup on, bridesmaid #4 and, oh yeah, today’s about our marriage. Breathe.

Of course the details don’t matter. Making a covenant in front of all those witnesses? For life? That matters. But if we can’t celebrate two people committing their lives to Christ and to each other, what can we celebrate?

Yeah. I would definitely argue a marriage is worth celebrating. A marriage is more than a wedding, but a wedding marks the celebration. Celebrate on.

This wedding was special. I have known Jenn since my freshman year of college, and our paths continued to cross through various ministries we were involved in together. Early on, she displayed a dedicated life of following Jesus that I wanted to follow. We shared passions for hospitality and discipleship, so it wasn’t too big of a surprise that we later ended up working together here at Pine Cove.

Jenn also blogs, and I have always appreciated her honest and clear writing. Recently she wrote a series on engagement, and I highly recommend it to anyone engaged or single! Also, she is packing up her quaint east Texas life and heading to LA with her new already-in-movie-credits-living-in-Hollywood husband. Yeah, I think her blog will continue to be interesting..

The wedding was so cool. Jenn’s a detail person, so I wasn’t too surprised that there were zero awkward transitions, or that I was assigned to a table with girls I love but don’t get to see often, or that the dance party was just long enough, or that I ended up having some really cool inspiring conversations with some of our mutual friends.

I wasn’t surprised because it’s Jenn. The best weddings (in my opinion) totally match the bride. I can picture Jenn, months ago as she started envisioning her wedding: To celebrate my marriage to my love, but also to provide an environment where people can relax, have a lovely meal, reunite with old friends, dance the night away, and soak in some of God’s richest gifts.

Jenn, I hope those were some of your goals. What a testament this night was to you and Patrick. I was so honored to celebrate with you on your big day, and we miss you already!

*Ryan Price is one of my favorite photographers, and also a friend from A&M! Jenn and Patrick intentionally chose friends for most of the wedding services provided. Choosing Ryan was a no-brainer. I can’t wait to see the final shots! Guaranteed to be 987528236 times better than my 3GS instagrams.

3 thoughts on “Worth Celebrating

  1. That wedding was a party and was TOTALLY Jenn!! I’m glad I got to attend it with you!!

    Remember that time that we dominated the dance back half of the dance floor…by ourselves?

    Everyone is still talking about it…and they’re jealous.

  2. To celebrate my marriage to my love, but also to provide an environment where people can relax, have a lovely meal, reunite with old friends, dance the night away, and soak in some of God’s richest gifts.

    Couldn’t have said it better myself, Chelsea. Thanks for this post – really encouraging to me. I’m grateful for your friendship. Now come visit 🙂 You AND Mel. Shoot, how about all of the lakeshire girls?!

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