Ringing in the Fall

With a lovely short-lived “cold-front” this weekend, we decided to partake in our only option this time of year:: Throw a Fall Party!

We encouraged everyone to pull out the flannel for the pumpkin-themed celebration. Predictably, we texas girls all jumped at the first opportunity to wear boots since last winter! Plus, there were so many delicious fall treats on our tables. As soon as we mentioned we were throwing this type of party, our baker-friends immediately volunteered to bring their pinterest-inspired creations. Um, yum.

Favorite outfit of the night? Nick- right in the middle here- in jorts & cowboy boots. But hey, at least there was flannel. Thanks for keeping the Texas in this party, Nick.

Also, what’s a party without a few games where everyone’s yelling? ((Ever played Pit? Super fun.))

It was such a joy to celebrate a few days of cooler weather with some of our very dear friends. I am thankful for the lovely community we have in this season! The Fall is a beautiful symbol of the change that comes at the end of every season. Those horribly dry sweaty days of summer eventually come to a close, and a new season begins. God knew to use “seasons” as a metaphor for our lives. Fall comes every year, yet we still rejoice at its appearance.
Happy Fall everyone! Go make some pumpkin muffins and don a flannel shirt in its honor. After all, it’s supposed to be 80 degrees here tomorrow. Celebrate while you can!



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