No Longer Orphans

Sunday was recognized worldwide as Orphan Sunday. Maybe your church recognized the day by having some information available, perhaps the sermon was dedicated to the fatherless, or maybe nothing of the sort. Regardless, the movement was created to initiate some momentum in the advocacy for orphans across the globe.

Heather Hendrick wrote an inspiring post, challenging the idea of only setting aside one Sunday a year, and letting this heart for the orphan infiltrate the rest of our lives. What if we really did live a lifestyle to help the fatherless?

Orphan care has gained some traction in the “trendy Christian” circles lately, and I think that is beautiful. Last year around this time I wrote a post about adoption, and mentioned a great book I read last year called Reclaiming Adoption. That book helped shift my perspective on adoption as a whole. I used to see adoption here on earth as something like a “good deed,” but not necessarily connected to our relationship with the Lord.

Except, that is exactly what my relationship with the Lord is through Jesus Christ:

In love He predestined us to be adopted as His sons through Jesus Christ, in accordance with His pleasure and will”  -Ephesians 1:4



A daughter.

Adoption is so clearly a Christian ideal. It is such a perfect picture of the gospel I can hardly stand it.

Also, God makes it abundantly clear throughout His Word that he cares for the fatherless. There are 10+ specific laws for the Jews in the Torah to take care of the fatherless among them. He gives clear methods and provisions for society’s outcasts. Then there are the references tucked away in the Psalms:


Those are the verses that ring in my head over and over and over. He sets the lonely in families!! He set me in His family! My heart leaps for joy.

In case I haven’t talked your ear off about it in person enough yet, I have yet to announce through this medium that my sweet parents have made the decision to adopt! They are in the process of adopting two precious kiddos from an orphanage in Uganda, called the Suubi project. My mom wrote the long version of the story on her blog here.

They’re in there somewhere! I’ll go ahead and let the anticipation build. ((grins))

((photo credit: Andy Ellis via Mom’s Facebook page))

So, just in case it hasn’t hit yet… I’m getting more siblings! I’m going to be a big sister again! Weird, right? Oh, and one of them is a boy. A brother! I’ve never had a brother before. Crazy.

We Williams-es, we are thrilled and overjoyed. I cannot wait to meet them in real life. (!!!)

Lest this post enforce ideas long-ingrained in my head, there is more than one way to get involved in the orphan crisis. Obviously, to adopt and to support those who adopt both financially and in prayer are clear avenues. However, I know this blog has an audience of many singles and college students, so here are some more ideas:

I encourage you pray for the Lord to change your heart about orphans. He certainly has changed mine through the last few years. Go from apathetic to advocate. Oh, and take a moment today in the midst of election craziness to thank Jesus for allowing the way toward your heavenly adoption. It’s worth celebrating.

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