Fun Running

I know, I know. Those of you who don’t run think that title is a lie, but trust me.

photo-3Running is a party in itself.

Remember this post, inviting everyone to join us to run the BCS half marathon with us? I was extra excited after I discovered it supported Mercy Project. I wrote this post about Mercy Project back in September, and this race was completely run by Mercy Project’s founder. Inspiring? Absolutely. Check out the scene as we ran through the final stretch:


All of these faces are kids Mercy Project has freed from slavery. Maybe it slowed down my final sprint since I was tearing up.. Worth it.

I love running half marathons, and especially love making it an event. Training for a race like this takes months of preparation, discipline, and commitment. This time around was one of my favorites, because we had most of our friend group running with us! Win-win.

Here’s a pre-race pic with several of us:

photo-4((It’s hard to help those extra-squinty eyes in the morning. Just ignore it. Carry on.))

We loved getting to do this together. This race was extra special because Ally (far left) and I are both leaving Tyler and Pine Cove this season. After being best friends, hanging out with each other every single day, all of us girls are trying not to think about how much we are going to miss that… So this was an excellent way to celebrate together.

Also, this was Lacey’s (far right) first ever half marathon!! The girl who said she would never be a runner. She dominated this race, and is such an inspiration!

Mom and I had a great time running together again. Note to anyone thinking of running a big race:: I highly recommend a running buddy with the same pace, goals, and expectations as you. It is significantly easier this way. Plus, how impressive is it that my mom is still running these things?!

photo-5Mornings. Yikes.

The weather on race day (December 9) was less than ideal. It was hot and humid, but the race planners were brilliant and provided us with plenty of water, gatorade, and even wet towels throughout the mile markers. “Grateful” barely expresses it. Still, being in College Station, the terrain was flat and the route was so fun! I was having nostalgic flashbacks from mile 1 through 13 as we traced our steps through cute Bryan neighborhoods, Wolf Pen Creek Park, A&M’s campus (just one day after Johnny Heisman!!), the historic district, and most of my favorite sections of town. I loved showing it all off to my non-aggie friends.

My favorite part of the race, more than that running high, more than being in my favorite place, was our entire cheering section who came out and (strategically) followed us around. They rocked.


Kyndell and Jesse hard at work on some witty masterpieces.

photo-7And then there was this. Since we are all (me and Molly) obsessed with the Grinch, Molly and Hannah got their creative juices flowing and came up with this brilliant original. Because, seeing the sign “Worst Parade Ever” was only funny the first 5 times. Oh and Mallory? She nailed it. T-swift all the way. They were a huge hit.

Here we are post-race! Sweaty, yet we survived!

215071_10101137281385877_939917215_n((pic via Jenny’s instagram. Thanks girl.))

We even got to reunite with Amanda (in the neon yellow) for this race! She was a Tyler girl and roommate until Fall 2011, when we celebrated her marriage and mourned her going away.

See what I mean? Running is fun, people. Reunions, best friends, creative cheering squads, free food at the end, supporting organizations like Mercy Project, and getting a little exercise in too. Can’t wait to sign up for the next one!


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