2012:: Inspiring

I am a lover of even numbers. 2012 was always a favorite in my book, and what a year it turned out to be!

My word of the year:: Inspiring. 

I watched my best friend in the whole world, Jen, hop on a much-anticipated plane to Bangkok, Thailand for the next two years of her life. As heartbreaking as it was to say goodbye, her complete trust in the Lord’s plans has influenced me greatly this year. Also, we are very thankful for technology these days, and google+ hangouts! We got to have our whole “familee” all in one place!

familee reunionHopefully my 2013 wrap-up includes a trip to visit her in Thailand!

This year’s travels began just like 2011, with a trip to Peru with Pine Cove Commission Camping! (more on that to come tomorrow!) It was a blast, and I loved getting to return to a place I have grown to love so much.


Going to Israel in March was probably one of the best decisions I have ever made. Getting to walk the mountains where the founding fathers of my faith walked hundreds and hundreds of years ago was unlike anything I have ever experienced. The hiking and the views were breathtaking alone, but I loved getting the in-depth study tour as well. I spent each site visit snapping pictures and writing furiously. My theology was not changed, but my perspective has been forever shifted. Visual learners, Israel is well worth the trip. I’m fairly convinced it was my favorite trip ever.


Mt Arbel

I got to celebrate alongside many heart-friends getting married during the year, including this one!


((photo credit))

Elizabeth had been my roommate at Pine Cove for two years, so I got to watch first-hand her story unfold and escalate into marrying her best friend, then moving far away to South Sudan with Grant. Though I miss our daily heart-to-hearts, I am thankful she updates her blog often (more than me lately!), and recommend it to anyone looking for an inspiring adventure story filled with faith.

We also moved into a new house in April, and it has been amazing! I hate the actual act of moving always, but since we ended up in a place with views like this every day… I decided it was worth it.

LakeshireAlong with a new house, which we lovingly dubbed The Lakeshire, August brought some really fun new roommates! These girls have been very refreshing in my life, especially after spending the summer alone in the house. We have thrown parties together, watched duck hunters peruse our backyard (country life), sang many entertaining songs in our kitchen, baked and baked and baked, quoted [to death] The Hunger Games  A Bad Lipreading (go ahead and watch it), and each girl has become an important friend and support in my life.

In September I read a book.


((photo credit))

I have read many books through the years, and many of the books I read were excellent. They were thought-provoking, conversation-worthy, and made me look good as they sat on my bookshelf. Then there was this one. It has affected me so deeply I haven’t even written everything down yet. Back in October I wrote this post about materialism, and the beginning lessons of 7.

My friend Ashley, who has been travelling the same journey with me, has thankfully been equally as impacted. We talk for hours about how nothing is the same. More posts are definitely to come about this book, but I would recommend for anyone to read Seven, even if it is “just to see what Chelsea’s talking about.” It might not be good, but it’s a reason. ((White Christmas, anyone?))

Interestingly enough, as I was beginning my seven adventure, my parents made the huge decision to adopt from Uganda! I wrote about it here, and mom wrote about it here. Currently we are just waiting to hear back about the court date, and the anticipation is growing daily! I am beyond ready to meet these kiddos!

What a joy it is to celebrate the Lord’s faithfulness this past year. He is so good in the small details as well as the big. 2013 will begin with a lot of changed, but I cannot wait to see what is ahead!

Hoping your year has kicked off well! Keep pursuing the beauty and the good.

Happy 2013!!

2013PS- if you’re looking for a New Year’s challenge, but haven’t decided what to do yet, will you go read my mom’s latest post? She’s committing to run at least one mile per day in preparation for the court date. While she runs she’ll be praying for my new siblings, and she’s asking anyone to join! It doesn’t have to be running.. just whatever you pick!

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