Peru: One Month Later

Suddenly, I’ve been home from Peru for a whole month! It was just a short term trip, which pretty much means I’ve been back longer than I was gone.

Um, it’s been a busy month, okay?

The ten-day year three trip was amazing. We took a stellar team of Pine Cove college staff!

IMG_2557Well, this is what we really look like:
Peru team((photo credit: Hannah Lawrence))

I enjoyed this third and final year in Peru, especially in light of all the “simple” I’ve been studying the last six months. Every year, that has been my favorite lesson. We go and do camp on a beach in Peru. It’s simple and beautiful.


We cultivate relationships with people who are passionate about following Jesus, and they live halfway across the world. They want to share the redeeming truth of Christ with their nation. They want to show kids in Peru that following Jesus is fun and life-giving. They want to learn how to make camp ministry more effective, sustainable, and life-changing.

So they asked us to come help them learn. Humbling? Absolutely. It’s also a beautiful picture of the Church.

I love how much I take away every year. Sure, we have a “way of doing things” at Pine Cove, and maybe that specific “way” isn’t exactly doable in Peru. The philosophy, however, stays the same. We teach intentionality, stewardship, and our favorite saying: “It’s Not About Me.” 

The Peru team loved our philosophy so much they actually named the camp this year It’s Not About Me. This was the year we took a few steps back programmatically, and just got to take a coaching role. The Peru team was impressive. For me, seeing them grow from their first year in 2011 to this year was super encouraging. I got to see a few of their staff grow from being on work crew three years ago, to being counselors!


Several members of our team had never been out of the country before, so as an advocate for “seeing the people of the world,” I enjoyed watching their journey as well. Short term trips can be good or harmful, but I appreciate how well these trips have been designed. The benefits are on both sides, and long-lasting.

It was hard to leave this year, knowing I won’t be back next January. After leaving though, I still know their faces, and I know their stories. I will continue to be an advocate for the world, and an advocate for not just seeing the world, but seeing the people. He loves, and He is moving in great ways. Will we join?

IMG_3320PS- Three trips to Peru so far, and zero trips to Machu Picchu. What is that?! Well, have no fear. Hannah and I found the real deal a giant mural and took advantage of the moment. I mean, we had to.IMG_3279To read about our trip in more detail, check out the daily blog I wrote for our team here!

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