Happy Weekend

What are you up to this weekend?

I just joined this locally grown organic produce co-op. (Total city-girl hipster move) My first pick-up is in one week, but I’ve been checking out their blog to get prepared.

Have you been watching Downton season 3? Most of my Saturday will be spent counting down till Sunday night’s episode.. Hopefully I won’t end up sobbing through the whole hour this week.

Oh and the Grammy’s are Sunday night. It’s not my favorite award show, but I’ll probably say hello. The Academy Awards are the best ones, and don’t worry. I set a calendar reminder in my phone for them. (February 24!)

I have big plans to make my own cleaning supplies soon, via this blog. All the materials are bought, ready to be mixed. I’ll keep you informed along the way.. but here’s to less chemicals and more money in the bank!

Brokenness Aside by All Sons & Daughters on has been on repeat on my iPod all week. Listen here.

Or maybe I’ll just get lost in a book. I heard it’s supposed to rain, and the entire east coast will supposedly be snowed in.. Maybe I’ll stay in and read to, um, empathize with them. Yes? I’ve been reading Les Mis for about two months now..

If I really was snowed in, I might re-read A Severe Mercy by Sheldon Vanauken.

Looking for the perfect Valentine’s gift? Try a lovely 31 Bits necklace.

College girls! You should definitely go to Masterpiece Conference in College Station. Friday, February 22. Featuring some amazing women (Donna Stuart, Jourdan Johnson, Leigh Kohler), and celebrating truth, art, and mission. It’s put together by an incredible girl I knew at A&M. You won’t be disappointed!

Fun blogs of the week: Jenn in LA, Rachel’s hilarious rendition of all things tax return, & Kim’s valentine’s day ideas.

Enjoy the days, friends. Happy weekend!

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