Does This Make Me a Hippie?

I think I’ve asked myself that question every day lately.

Last week I picked up my first set of produce from this awesome co-op:

photo-8This pretty bin was filled with all sorts of organic locally-grown fare, and I confess I had no idea what half of those vegetables were. When you’re just getting the seasonal stuff, there are bound to be some weird foods in there!

Which of course made me realize how little real food I actually eat. This week has been a challenge to make meals out of some admittedly strange vegetables. I have had to scour the internet for recipes for things like fennel, tatsoi, and collard greens. I’ve been forced to think outside of the box and be creative. It takes time to be creative, so I’ve been in the kitchen more than normal, and thinking more about what I put into my body. Something crazy? I feel more rested, and have considerably more energy.

Turns out, God was creative. In fact, the real food He provided us with was way more creative than the boxed nonsense we find in the middle aisles of the grocery stores, with all those “health claims” smattered across the front of the boxes.

So, does that make me a hippie?

I’ve also been trying to save some money while eating all that produce, so bringing my lunch to work has become a priority. As I sat eating my quinoa salad, using a cloth napkin with a real fork brought from home, I asked the question again.

I started a Plant-Based Recipes board on Pinterest.

We now have a recycling bin next to our trash can at home. It’s my “fast from waste” month in Seven, so that has added some of these new habits.

Maybe it is all crazy. If so, I’ll just refer to this month in the future as my “experimental hippie phase where I recycled and ate real food for once.”

But then, maybe it’s not so crazy after all.

3 thoughts on “Does This Make Me a Hippie?

  1. Well my dear- you inspire me continually. Good for you -with the 7 habits, the real food, and all good things. Heck, now you can just move to Fay ! Love ya!

  2. I mean BEST! Chelsea the Hippie!! I love it!! I love everything about this post, so much that I just want to throw a plastic bottle in your recycling bin and squeal with you! Now how about you just move out here and let’s start a veggie garden together? — it’s the first thing on my ‘long term to do’ list, once the house is put together. Join me, Ms Dallas?? 🙂 So proud of you for ‘going green’, and for taking a full 7 Challenge. Want to go to Austin and meet Jen with me in the fall? It’s on my list! Roadie??
    Ps, I love how your blog is looking, LOVE the chambray shirt photo, and totally missing you. So thankful for blogs to stay updated! Squealing with you from over here 🙂
    (And yes I am laughing that me and my mom are the two who comment first on this… it’s deep in our Fayetteville blood to sing over fresh produce and recycling!)

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