The Artists

For some time now, I have been envious of the artists out there. In particular, I envy the singer/songwriters. How brilliant would it be to be able to express in such a lovely form those inexpressible feelings of the soul?

Good music stirs emotions in deep ways. Some music is fun to belt out in the car on a road trip, but its benefits end there. (I’m looking at you, Call Me Maybe.) The best kind of music is art. I lived most of my life without truly appreciating art, mostly because “expression for expression’s sake” returns empty.

Music, however, is different. To capture love, worship, and light through well-written lyrics, and to have courageous melodies woven through creative instruments by talented artists… What a gift!

God is vastly creative, and we have been made in His image. Just as He relishes creativity, it follows for us to do so also.


This weekend I got to see one of my favorite artist, Jillian Edwards, in concert, and I couldn’t help but smile as she performed her most-beloved songs over an adoring crowd. It was lovely and life-giving to see these artists at work. Surely God has given them a gift, and as they have cultivated it, others are blessed.

with Jillian

I recognize this truth through the Great Narrative, beginning with Genesis 12. As God’s chosen (through Jesus Christ), we have been blessed so that others may be blessed and glorify God in heaven. (Psalm 67 rings deeply in my mind here)

Today I am thankful for the artists. Have a listen to another new favorite band, Caleb, who performed with and opened for Jillian. Their sound is defined by iTunes as “Rock,” which is not my usual cup of tea, but their EP’s have been on repeat since Friday so far. (You might recognize the lead singer’s & drummer’s last name.. of that famous Chapman family. Here is where I proudly admit to my first owned music being a cassette tape of the SCC himself. King of the Jungle. Who’s with me??)

Be an artist. Be blessed. Cultivate the blessing the Lord has bestowed upon you, and make His Name great.

Source: via Chelsea on Pinterest

I’ve written about Jillian here before. I considered her music the soundtrack of our Tyler house, and a huge thanks goes to my former roommate Elizabeth for the much-needed introduction!

2 thoughts on “The Artists

  1. Can’t believe you met Jillian without me! So excited that you got to MEET her. Can we just talk about that for a minute!? After all the tweet backs and what-nots, you met her! SOOO FUN!

    And your pic is too cute!

  2. I’M DYING!!!!!!!! YOU MET JILLIAN!?!?!?! AAAAND GOT YOUR PHOTO WITH HER?!?!?!?! I’M DYING!!!! CHELSEA!!!!! Oh!!!! I have no words other than THIS IS THE BEST!!! Love your words, love your taste in music, love that you write — you’re SUCH a gifted writer, sister. Keep doing what you do, because what you do is right and what you do brings glory to the Lord. Keep going, sister Chelsea!
    *long jealous sigh* you met and have a GREAT photo with Jillian Edwards *another long and jealous sigh*

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