Happy Birthweek!

I’ve heard 26 is the new 22.

Okay, maybe I haven’t actually heard it, but now I’ve said it, and things on the internet are always true. Right?

Great. Back to me and my birthday birthweek.

The best part about birthweeks is how ambiguous they are. I mean, does the birthweek start seven days before a birthday, then end abruptly at midnight on the birthday? Or, does the birthweek extend 7 days post the actual birthday? See what I mean? The ambiguity of it all leaves ample glorious days to celebrate.

The birthweek kicked off Easter weekend, spent by quality time with the family. We celebrated with animated movies (I actually laughed a lot seeing The Croods), slumber parties, thunderstorms, and funfetti cake. Some of the cousins even came up to Watermark Sunday morning, and “had the best time ever!” with the kids’ ministry. Awesome.


Birthdays in new places are always a bit weird, and it felt strange to not celebrate with my dear roommates from the past two birthdays.. though, to be fair, they were also new not too long ago! (Funny how relative the word “new” can be these days.) Those were the girls who coined the #ChelseaDay2011, #ChelseaDay2012, etc. Maybe it’s weird that twitter means a lot to me. Maybe, but when this one came in from Africa, well, I was pretty excited.

Screen shot 2013-04-10 at 10.05.23 PM

Then my cube was decorated like a circus tent (always a plus), so no one could walk by my desk without asking, “wait, is it today?” ((Success))


The birthday love poured in all day, including packages when I got home! As one who can never seem to get snail mail off on time, I especially appreciated the extra efforts involved from the dearest friends. The gifts were perfect too. One even came “with strings attached,” to pray for the woman behind the creation. Perfect.

Friday I trekked down to College Station with some longtime friends, and though we loved reminiscing across town, the drive alone made the trip worth it! I admit, I’ve been missing the country lately, and the bright green fields laced with blooming carpets of wildflowers breathed life into each of us.

road tripScreen shot 2013-04-10 at 9.39.58 PM

After taking this picture, Katie said, “Wow! That was so fun! I’ve never done that before!” Silence. Me: “What do you mean, ‘never’?” Katie: “Well, pulling over on the side of the road and stuff.. that’s not really my family.”

I guess there’s a first time for everything. Although, if someone out there is reading this without having taken the token Texan picture, with all the gentleness I can muster, TODAY IS THE DAY. It’s about to be two-hundred days of triple-digit heat in this great state, and come August those pictures of bluebonnets will be the only thing keeping any allegiance here. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

Birthweeks are wonderful. I got several texts wishing me a “happy birthweek,” and one even made sure to mention he “hoped people in Dallas celebrate birthweeks too.”

We celebrate birthdays with my team at work by each bringing an object to describe the person having the birthday. Clearly, these people have gotten to know me quickly, because I walked away with nail polish, scrapbook paper, a booklet of camp cheers (another post for another day), a rock with Andrew Peterson lyrics written on it, a cute journal, coffee gift cards, sandpaper (explanation might be needed there), an adorable journal, stationary, and even a coat hanger. I highly recommend this game; we love birthdays!

Go ahead and implement the birthweek concept into your life too. This is one decision never to be regretted. I also got a text the day before the 4th wishing me a “happy birthday eve.” Now there’s a concept I’d like to explore even more!

Thanks for the love, friends. I felt it.


3 thoughts on “Happy Birthweek!

  1. Know that I made sure people here KNEW it was still #ChelseaDay. Jamin told me his sister’s birthday was the fourth and I said, “Your sister was born on #ChelseaDay? How COOL! Is her name Chelsea?” He siad Kristen and I said, “That doesn’t count.”

    Missed you so much and miss you allllll the time!!! Come visit us soon!!

    How about this for a new concept, birthmonth? I think it still counts.

  2. Chelsea! I loved reading this! Also, I didn’t know you were in Dallas…that makes me want to move there more!! YOU ARE SO GREAT and I hope your birthday was awesome. Ps, I loled at the bluebonnet thing. Seriously need a picture like that, because of Texas’ spot in the deep places of my heart. 🙂 love you!

  3. I love this post because Birthdays are one of my very favorite things! They combine all of my favorite love languages into one day in order to celebrate those I love dearly! I fully support birthday week and I endorse the concept of birthdaymonth! I hope you had a wonderful birthday week Chelsea!

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