Shining Light into the Gosnell Atrocities

Heard about the Gosnell trial? ((If you follow me on twitter, you have. Not apologizing for the excessive tweets.)) My new journalism hero, Kristen Powers, wrote this article in USA Today, published yesterday. The Gospel Coalition came out with this article today. World News Magazine has been covering the story since March 18.

Why does it all have me so worked up? Because when I hear about it, my heart breaks. Everything in me screams for justice, for truth, for light.

I want people to know the horrific darkness festering in our own nation. I want people to know this is not okay. Forget about pro-life vs. pro-choice for a minute. Have you seen the videos or the pictures? (I am not recommending them; they are highly disturbing) As Powers states in her article, this is a human rights issue. 

I’ve sat in the waiting room and seen the babies right after they are born. What beauty, life, and hope they bring! Those babies in the pictures looked the same.

He broke the law. Abortions after 24 weeks are illegal in the state of Pennsylvania. I can’t even type out what he did to them.. it hurts too much.

The clinics had not been inspected in 17 years. Racism abounded. Women were exploited.

Women were exploited! In the United States of Amerca! Story after story has come out about forced abortions, botched abortions, failed attempts, even death. A woman who died? A refugee from Nepal.

I am screaming on the inside.

White suburban women were shown “into the cleaner rooms” and given extra care. Minority women were shoved into the back rooms. “Fetuses” were heard crying.

I feel sick. I feel utterly disgusted and horrified. Lord help us.

I am outraged that our nation’s “unbiased and objective” media stand by and do nothing. No major media is in that courtroom. If it was not for Kristen Powers’ article, would anyone know?

This is important: I do not wish damnation on Dr. Gosnell. I know my God is a God of justice. (Psalm 9:16) I don’t worry about that. I hope and pray Dr. Gosnell will repent of his wicked ways. (2 Peter 3:9) I pray he will repent while he’s serving in jail, under the toughest court sentence we can give him. I can sit here and forgive him, because Jesus Christ came to save sinners, even a sinner like me. (1 Timothy 1:15)

I pray for those women. The ones who had their lives snatched from what they could have been. The ones who feel shame, guilt, and fear. I pray they will come to know the Savior. I pray they will find healing in the Great Healer, in the one who did not come for the healthy, but for the sick. (Mark 2:17) I pray they will know the God who restores and redeems, (Psalm 130, Romans 8;38-39) and that He will work even this for good. (Romans 8:28)

I pray for the judge in the trial. I pray he will seek wisdom and fight for truth.(Amos 5:15) I pray the wicked will be given every earthly consequence they deserve, to the fullest extent of the law in this nation. (Proverbs 29:4)

I pray for the people reading the stories. May stories of hope and light and life surface amidst the deepest darkness.

May we never, ever stand by and do nothing. May we continually be a voice for the voiceless. May we speak up for the oppressed. May we be courageous truth-tellers, and may the light break through.

Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute. Speak up and judge fairly; defend the rights of the poor and needy.  -Proverbs 31:8-9

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