25 Ways to Say “Happy Birthday, Mom!”

On one hand, I suppose it’s impolite to give away a mother’s age. On the other, noting my own age is in the mid-twenties, most people are shocked to hear my mother is only turning 50 this year.

So, I’ll pick that hand, and proceed accordingly.

My mom turns 50 TODAY! (June 3rd to be exact, though it’s already well into June 3rd in Africa, where she is today)


In an effort to celebrate this birthday to the fullest extent while across time zones and the Atlantic Ocean, I thought I would  write down a few (25) of the reasons we love you. I picked 25 because if you read them all twice that equals 50. Clearly.

  1. The ultimate otter-retriever: you love having fun and loving people.
  2. People are drawn to you (see above)
  3. You’ve got style. How many other moms still shop at anthro & jcrew? Oh, and can pull it off better than most 20 year olds?
  4. You are courageous. This courage has been displayed many more times than just the current venture.
  5. You’ll do just about anything if someone dares you to do it.
  6. A long time ago, you told us to be nice to each other, because sisters have great potential to be best friends one day. You were right.
  7. In typical mom fashion, you can always find anything, even if I’ve already looked there. It’s so annoying.
  8. You have an uncanny ability to relate any real-life situation to an episode of Gilmore Girls. (Maybe I encourage that too much)
  9. Popcorn for dinner. Enough said.
  10. You point people to hope and joy. You point them to Jesus. Always.
  11. You didn’t start running till your mid-thirties, and now you’ve run a full marathon and about a zillion half-marathons!
  12. Those dogs- Snickers & Gus- well, they just wanted their own number. They miss their mommy.
  13. My friends love you. Given the option, I could easily predict most of my closest friends would pick hanging out with you than me, and I don’t blame them.
  14. You are supportive. It’s difficult to walk away from a conversation with you not encouraged. (I am not alone in that sentiment)
  15. You are compassionate, and you show genuine love for the least of these Jesus mentioned.
  16. You instigated mommy-daughter day dates with me, calling them “Chelsea days,” where I got to help pick our activities. These days subsequently spoiled me, and led to later teasing by roommates, who eventually joined the [brilliant] bandwagon. ((Success))
  17. You are a reader, and constantly learning. That inspires.
  18. Family is of the utmost importance to you; whether it’s your husband, us kids or your own extended family, the priorities are evident.
  19. Prayer is your backbone, and I know how dependent you are on your relationship with the Lord.
  20. You can take the most dreary get-together of mismatched people, and turn it into the social event of the season. Cards, anyone?
  21. It is the funniest thing to see you laugh till you cry. So thanks for making the rest of us laugh approximately every day.
  22. You share your life with people. You share your stories, possessions, wisdom, and very self.
  23. Sabrina really is one of the great ones. You really do have impeccable taste in movies.
  24. There’s an embarrassing amount of photos somewhere of you initiating the “Wacky Olympics” in your youth-minister wife days, including buckets of flour, watermelon, and some seriously disgusting ingredients of a relay race. Perhaps one day those will make it to the internet. One can only hope!
  25. You so don’t look fifty. (whatever that means) After all, you’re the one who coined the phrase, “Slow down and die.” Here’s to fifty more years, with no slow-down in sight!



I love you, Mom! Incredibly thankful for you, in millions of ways. Thanks for modeling how to be an excellent wife, mother, and follower of Jesus.

And, you also taught me the best-ever concept of birthweeks. I haven’t forgotten that one for you either!

PS- If any of you are real-life friends with my mom, feel free to leave a comment here, or hop over to facebook to tell how much you love her & why! Birthdays are a big deal!



4 thoughts on “25 Ways to Say “Happy Birthday, Mom!”

  1. Love this list Chelsea. Your mother is an awesome woman and I am staggered by the adventure that your parents have not only been called to but said yes to! Many would run the other way! When we get back to the States (we’re in Japan now) and our stuff gets out of storage I am 99% certain I can help you with #24 😉

  2. As your instruction suggested, I read the list twice. Couldn’t tell if that was hyperbole or not, so I went on the safe side and went with not.

    Happy birthday/week/month Laura! In case you were wondering, we are planning on having the 2014 familee reunion at your house again.

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