Summer Is For…

Summer is for blueberry picking on the first day of the season at this adorable spot in Edom (also known as middle-of-nowhere-east-Texas)

Blueberry patch

Summer is for celebrating the quaint and the simple, and being thankful all over again for grocery stores.
Picking Blueberries

Summer is for bargains… a full bucket only costs 14 bucks! Summer is for scouring old recipe books.. Or maybe just eating loads of frozen blueberries. Blueberry Farm

Summer is for spontaneous weekend getaways to see old roommates and celebrating birthdays.roommates

Summer is for dinners at Cracker Barrel and who knew? Cracker Barrel is still the place to be on a Saturday night out in the sticks.

Summer is for catching up with heart friends who now live far away, but it still feels the same as before.friends

Summer is for driving down long interstates and gasping at sights like this:Sunflower field

And summer is for pulling over immediately because we couldn’t believe how they turned the fields gold, and the light was just right, and if we would have left even thirty minutes later we would have missed them.with cait

Summer is for gathering the whole family clan in one spot for just a few days, then not taking a single picture because we were so happy just being there. It’s for playing tennis even when people are watching, and laughing because really, there’s no other explanation for my tennis “skills,” and it’s for turning everything into a race or a competition, then collapsing in a heap of laughter every time.

Summer is for climbing fences and reading way too many books at once. Summer is for staying up late and smelling the rain. It’s for stopping for peaches and seeing the world.

Summer is for all those things and more. It’s God’s well-timed reminder of those small, simple things that bring smiles. Summer is also for storms, and sadly there have been too many to count already. The storms are real and terribly threatening. They hurt and never seem to end, until they do. 

The storms always end, and then after the silence breaks through, hope fights its way back. It really wasn’t ever the summer we loved, but the great God behind it. He can’t help but be compassionate and gracious, because those words define who He is. He holds it all together and brings us seasons and rain and winter and summer.

And we exhale. Because summer is for hoping, and the kind of hope we have does not disappoint.Sunflowers

And hope does not disappoint us, because God has poured out his love into our hearts by the Holy Spirit, whom He has given us. -Romans 5:5

One thought on “Summer Is For…

  1. Well said. We always knew you were a writer. Your other grandparents told me how to get to your blog and I finally got around to it.

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