Hometown Tourist

How often do people tour their own towns? For me, it happens the most when friends come to visit.

The last couple of months have been filled with anticipation for Lacey to come visit from Memphis. Though Dallas was a central part of her life growing up, exploring as an adult has a different feel than when we were kids. I brainstormed us some fun activities, and when I showed her the list, she promptly replied, “Great! Let’s do ALL of those things!”
sno cones smores
True list people, we eagerly began.
City life is still something I’m adjusting to, but at least I can navigate [most] roads without the GPS, so there wasn’t much to hold us back. Our friend Julie came to play too, and three turns out to be a fun number for exploring. We had the best time, and at some point on Saturday it hit us this weekend wasn’t going to last forever. Bummer.
 food trucks shakespeare fireworks
Holidays are the loveliest, aren’t they?
When is the next day to celebrate? I’m counting down over here. In the meantime, I highly recommend being a tourist for a weekend, holiday or not. The cities are full of surprises!

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