City Life

I’ve been here for, oh, seven months now, and y’all. The city is strange.

Also, no one thinks it is.

Dallas((photo credit))

Out in the country, people think stopping for tractors and wild hogs is normal of course, and it just isn’t… remember this movie? Real life.

But here? There’s like, so so so many people. You could easily never even see your neighbor’s car around town. ((I know!))

Here are a few observations of life in the big city:

  • A “town run” here implies completely the opposite of what it used to mean.
  • I realized recently I haven’t turned on my brights in months. Even at night!
  • There are always, always, always other people driving. I mean, always.
  • Those above-mentioned people are always in a hurry. They never wave as they pass (that would actually be a bad sign). They also think you are wrong.
  • I mentioned I owned a headlamp the other day, and got blank stares.
  • There are 3 Apple stores within 30 minutes from my house. 2 of the 3 are within 10 minutes.
  • I haven’t counted how many Starbucks coffee houses there are within 10 minutes of my house, mostly because this is Dallas and honestly. Not even the finance gurus here waste time counting that high.
  • Have I mentioned there are a lot of people?
  • People (like me) join produce co-ops because it makes them [us] feel like they [we] are “one with nature” and stuff.
  • There is no such thing as “too dressed up” here.
  • Are stars a myth?
  • There’s an unwritten rule that says “If you are an adult here, you have a dog.”
  • It’s hard to keep up. ((see above))
  • Anthropologies exist!! And not just online! These are the real-life, candle-burning, aesthetically-pleasing, whimsically-fabulous, get-lost-for-an-hour stores. There’s more than one!
  • It’s hard to keep up. ((see above. yes. again.))
  • Crossfit is a really big deal here. No I mean, take what you’re thinking and multiply it by 100. You’re close.
  • Paleo is also a really big deal here. Do we think cavemen would have liked Dallas as much as we apparently like them? Maybe. It depends if the 467 super trendy (& delicious) pizza places are around.

As funny and weird as living in a big city like Dallas is, there are tons of things I’ve completely loved and appreciated since moving here. I mean, I have internet- at my house! People come to visit ME, and I can actually take them fun places! Things happen here, right down the road. I love that. It has also been so wonderful to keep up in real-time with college roommates who live here, old friends who have moved here, plus getting to know all the other fabulous people who call Dallas home! Some of the very best.

For the record I do not do crossfit or eat paleo. (Before today I couldn’t even remember the last time I bought meat at the store. Oops.) However, I do have many friends who are passionate about both, and that is another fun aspect of city life- people have all sorts of hobbies and interests. I find it all fascinating, and mostly just ask tons of questions and leave wondering if I should start that too? Then I remember I don’t really love pets, or I don’t have the time or energy or oh, backyard, to start a garden or whatever the topic of the day was.

I’m learning to love it here, just like I learned to (dare I say it?!) love the country too. All in good time, right? My favorite thing by far is to see how the Lord is working here in this city, and how He is continuing to move. With so many people from so many nations and so many backgrounds and so many different gifts, of course He is moving. I can’t wait to get in deeper. In the meantime, I count myself thankful to belong to a community of believers committed to Christ-transformation in the lives of people here.

Oh and in case you wondered if people still wear fur coats… they do. But not in summer, because THAT would be crazy.

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