Many have been asking lately how things are going, three months later, and since this space has been deserted for three months, I suppose it’s time for an update.

((Though let’s be serious. If you follow me on twitter or instagram, you weren’t the ones asking.))

James & Betty have started school! They have also started soccer (well, American soccer has started, and they are each on a team.) I keep nonchalantly encouraging them to leverage the social power they hold through their athletic abilities…

School! Cutest?! Absolutely.Starting School

Both Betty & James are LOVING going to school, which is a great relief, and thanks to Mom’s tennis-shoes-are-everything life mantra, these kids are lookin’ good.

Besides that big day, these littles have been up to a lot this summer. Mostly hitting up the important stuff:Kyle Field

Kyle Field. I love this picture. I didn’t get to explore it all with them for the first time, but you better believe there has been plenty of brainwashing coming from this end too!

Also, before anyone thinks this is weird or strange that they’d be seeing the promised land College Station so soon, I’m pretty sure we have pictures of me at 6 months old sitting in the stands watching the game.

So, they’re just Williams kids basically.

But THEN there was this!!Yell Leaders2J&B got to go to the very first game of the season, and did you see this article? About another adopted young man from Ghana going to his first Aggie game too? (I’ve written about Mercy Project before- here & here) So cool!!

Anyway, James really didn’t realize the significance of this picture, until he saw them later down on the field. The next weekend we watched the game on tv, and he was quick to point out the yell leaders/his new friends on the screen!

We also had birthday parties, and you probably already saw the pictures, but to celebrate a birthday, for the very first time, when just 4 months ago these two didn’t know when their own birthdays were, much less what a birthday party was… There’s just nothing like it.

Also, princess parties. Yes.IMG_3878 IMG_3929 IMG_3909 IMG_3882 IMG_3862These two really are adjusting well. Adoption is not easy, and don’t let anyone over-romanticize it. I remember sitting in Uganda one evening, after meltdown #4 from that day, watching adoption in process. Adoption is just signing up to be a parent again, but this time signing up and knowing there will be serious issues and hardships along the way.

Adoption is the most beautiful thing in the world, nothing portrays the gospel in such a precise picture, and it is every second worth it. We are so in love with these kids. They exhibit joy at every moment, and the pictures don’t lie. Going home has become one of my favorite pastimes, and I don’t expect that to stop anytime soon.

Last weekend Caitlin came home too, and at one point during the chaos of having two young kids running through the house and testing the walkie-talkies every 5 seconds to make sure I could still hear him, I looked over at my [middle] sister and said, “what did we do before? What was it like? What would we have done when we came home? This is so much better!

Because it is. And yes, James. I will keep taking a picture of us every single time we’re together. Welcome to the fam. Love.James Betty

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