Full Hearts & Fayetteville

Sometimes, for no particular reason, a week just takes it all out of a person. Some mornings suddenly the first alarm has been 30 minutes past, and the rest of the day is a race to keep up with endless lists. Can I get an Amen?

So Thursday night I finally sat down, and  I prayed. I told God I was worn out to the end. I begged God to make himself real again. I asked Him to prove again what I know to be true: God loves me and He is always good.

Then I slept soundly, fully confident He would.

The next morning, I watched, with a heart full of expectant hope.photo-13

It’s a fun way to live, really, living every moment expecting something great to happen, eagerly waiting to give worship and praise to the Father with every moment.

God must have known I would need a weekend getaway this weekend, because it could not have been more perfectly timed!

Thanks, Fayetteville. Grateful for you sharing a little bit of your abundance with me.photo-12photo-8photo-14

Even the view from the football game felt majestic. Seeing the fog roll in over the tree-covered hills sitting in the top section made me feel like I was cheating. Those seats aren’t supposed to have the best views.. Even in the rain, we could see the beauty!photo-10photo-11

The game was great and I sat with Texas A&M’s newest fans. Thankfully we snuck out with a win, but those razorbacks certainly didn’t go quietly! I’ll always love a high-scoring game. Those ones are much more fun to watch..

Thanks God for showing your goodness, and thank you for not leaving my heart hard. Grateful for eyes to see. May it stay that way.skiesSometimes the best medicine is some old-fashioned family quality time + the great outdoors. We had the best time together, soaking up time with a sister who “lives so so far away,” at least according to James.

Also, what’s more inspiring than a bright blue sky?

One thought on “Full Hearts & Fayetteville

  1. Very well said! You left me wanting to hear more. Of course your mom had told me more.
    So glad you all got to be together. Treasure those times

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